Jet Went To An Agility Workshop

Danish-Swedish Farmdog and Smooth Collie

Danish-Swedish Farmdog and Smooth Collie
Tatum and Jet
I am so thrilled with Jet! Every other month Stacy Peardot-Goudy comes here to Utah and a bunch of us get together and we have a day of agility with her. An agility workshop. I ran Chase in the morning though some pretty tough courses. In the afternoon I was so thrilled to be running Jet! He is ready!

I can’t post the video because it’s private. I did get some though and I’ve been watching it a lot. 🙂 He is such an amazing boy! He did so great! He didn’t understand the serpentine or the send to the back of the jump, but that’s okay, he’s still learning a lot of things. I haven’t trained serpentines or threadles yet. I am going to order Stacy’s DVD on Serpentines, Threadles and 270s. I never was good at training 270s so I really need help at that. And I haven’t serpentines for a long time. Not sure I ever really trained threadles, either. So I’ll need some help doing those. If anyone has advice on how to train them let me know, I’m open to ideas! And I usually modify them to work for me, too.

I did some sending Jet to the back of a jump this morning at home in my front room. I need to cut my jump bar down, it’s like a 5′ jump and hardly fits in my living room. I think a 2.5′ jump would be better. It’s all PVC so will cut down easily. I just need to find the time. And I’m not sure how to do it, except motioning and throwing a toy behind the jump, and then calling him over it toward me. I’ll have to think about that too.

I do wish I had some new digital cameras with video on them… I broke my video camera so it doesn’t have the tripod screw part anymore. Bleh. My husband rigged the tripod with clamps so that it will hold the camera, but it’s a bit cludgy so far.

Anyway… Jet is going to be ready for flyball and agility soon. Very soon. I think February for agility, and March for flyball. I’m so excited to get him competing! I haven’t had that much fun running agility since I ran Levi in the early days, before I knew he had weave problems. Maybe… just maybe I have a MACH dog on my hands here. I really hope so, but I don’t want to jinx it!

2 thoughts on “Jet Went To An Agility Workshop”

  1. Wow, sounds terrific, and how neat to have SPG coming there every other month, that is fantastic, from what I have seen I really like her as a teacher. I have her serp. thread. video and it is really good, I got it a couple of years ago and have enjoyed it…I also recently got the Sandy Rogers one jump two jump, she does a fantastic job too of teaching a heck of a lot of common sequences and lead outs, etc and it comes with a workbook in pdf that you can print out….I have found it a neat thing to work through.

  2. Looking forward to getting to see some video of your little agility and flyball soon-to-be supastar! So much fun debuting a new dog!

    Had to laugh at the comment about your jump being too wide for your living room — I have the exact same problem with my home-made pvc jump. I’ve just been so lazy, haven’t gotten around to trimming it down, so it sits and gathers dust. Maybe once you fix yours I’ll be inspired to fix mine, lol!

    Lisa from muttsandaklutz

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