Jet’s Flyball Box

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Beach

Danish-Swedish Farmdog Beach
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Well I have to say that Jet’s flyball box turn is coming along really well! Putting wraps on his back feet are helping him to get those rear feet up on the box when he’s grabbing the ball. So now he’s grabbing the ball more times than he is fumbling it, and he’s also getting his rear feet up and pushing off with them. He’s starting to get a good flyball box swimmers turn!

He is such a goof. He’s also learning to pass. Yesterday at flyball practice he was behind Fred, a Cattledog on our team. And when I released Jet he would lean over to Fred and snark at him, but just to play. So when he did that I gave him a but UH-UH! Oh boy, the look Jet gave me was like he was going to cry. He gave me the most sad, miserable look in the world. This little Danish-Swedish Farmdog boy sure is sensitive! But he was good the next time he passed Fred! (I won’t mention the part where I kneeled on his toe and made him whine… ooops).

So Jet’s flyball is coming along nicely! I think he’ll be ready for the March tournament. I’ll put him in singles and pairs for sure. Maybe he’ll be ready for a team, we’ll have to see. Not sure if he should be relied upon as height dog quite yet, but he’s getting close!

I do need to find some cutting tools so I can make a 14″ prop at home to practice. I put up the agility jump and it seems a 14″ prop gets him to get his four feet on the box quite well. I don’t want to rely on a prop, but hopefully he won’t need it after a while. We’ll see!

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  1. Jet is just turning into such a talented young man, he sounds like he is doing fantastic!!!

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