Preparation And Doing


I’ve been thinking about stuff lately and some of it isn’t dog related, but I thought the concept was kinda dog related, so I’m posting about it!

First off I was figuring out a knitting patten. I like to knit, but this pattern was driving me nuts. It wasn’t straight forward or easy to follow, so I had to rewrite it so that I could understand it. And it took me about 20 rows (2 patterns worth) to be able to really figure it out consistently. Finally I have it down and it’s coming along. When I was complaining about it to my husband, he said, well isn’t that half the fun, figuring out the pattern? I said a stern NO!. I just wanted to do the knitting, I didn’t want to have to decipher a pattern.

At work I’m a programmer/Analyst. The Analyst part is tough for me. The programming isn’t so tough. Quite often I have to really analyze and understand how something works before I can just go ahead and program. My coworkers say… isn’t it fun to figure it out? I’m like… errr, No! I just want to do it!

And I related these same things to dogs. My friend has a Belgian Malinois puppy who will be a year old in February, and boy is she a handful. She’s one of those dogs you have to decipher and figure out before you can just train. Muffit is one of those kinds of dogs too, in my house. He’s so frantic, and he is not food motivated at all, that figuring him out would take a great deal of time and dedication, when really what I want to do is the knitting part… the training part!

So when I was looking for a breed, and found Jet, my Danish-Swedish Farmdog, what I was really looking for was a dog who came prepackaged as smart, sweet, calm, food motivated, toy motivated, and a love bug… and whom I could just train! Yay! That’s what I got! I got a dog I can just rain out of the box. Without all that preformatting part. 🙂

So I guess I don’t like the preparation as much as I like the doing. It’s also why I don’t want to shop around for cheap life insurance, or the best deal on clothes or food… I just want to do. Maybe it’s a sign of my lack of patience. I dunno… but I’m so glad I have Jet, who fits me so perfectly!

3 thoughts on “Preparation And Doing”

  1. Isn’t wonderful to have that perfect fit! While an easy dog can be very fun to train, I personally love problem solving. I like the spazzy dog. But I don’t want a dog who is hard to motivate, a little ADD is fine, but must love at least toys or food.

  2. i like the figuring out part. that’s why we worked so well together. the starting is good too. want to finish a knitting and crochet project for me?

  3. I am so glad that Jet turned out to be everything that were looking for. It’s going to be so much fun watching you two continue to grow together as a team. 🙂

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