Jet’s Agility Debut Planned for February 2011


So! It’s a plan! I am going to enter Jet in his first real official agility trial next February. I’m not sure what trial yet, as he may have a couple of options. Might not. We’ll see, and time will tell. I have a preference but I’m not going to reveal our plans quite yet.

But I think he’s ready. He’s weaving a good solid 12 weave polls. His contacts are great, he’s got a good solid 2o2o on the A-Frame, the Dog Walk, and… well, the teeter too. I might have over-trained his 2o2o behavior, can you over train a 2o2o behavior? LOL. I have been waffling on his teeter for a while. I was going to just let him tip it, and do a nice four on the board, and be okay with that. Then I got some input and thought maybe I’d have him run to the end, ride it down ignoring the tipping point, and do a lie down on the end. Well, he won’t lie down on the end for the life of me. Maybe he doesn’t like the feel of it on his tummy, and his balls. 🙂 He’ll lie down just fine on the table, so go figure, it doesn’t feel any different. Except it’s not at a slant. But try as I might, I couldn’t get him to run to the end and ride it down. So I’m giving up and letting him do what he’s most comfortable with… tipping it. And since we are never going to be on the world team, it’s not a battle that I’m picking to fight. I just want him happy to do the darn teeter!

So anyway, I’m planning for his agility debut being in February of 2011. He’ll be just two months shy of 2 years old. His age wasn’t an issue, his readiness to perform the obstacles is the issue. And his sequencing. And I’ve been training him 90% on my own, which I’m really proud of! Though even thinking about entering him in a trial makes me nervous!

Maybe to distract myself I’ll go read some cordless phone reviews so I won’t think of agility for a bit. 🙂 I think Jet will be competing in agility first, then flyball, then obedience. I planned on doing obedience first, then agility, then flyball.. that his how his training went. But obedience is a lot harder than either agility or flyball, so we’ll be working on the obedience for a while before he is entered into an obedience trial… though he did Wildcard a bit ago, it was non-titling, so didn’t really count. 😉

3 thoughts on “Jet’s Agility Debut Planned for February 2011”

  1. Thanks Laura! Yeah, I plan on having no expectations. Really it’ll be a test to see where his training is, and if he needs work, we won’t trial again, we’ll train more!

  2. I think you two are going to do great in February whichever venue you choose to do! It is funny how things turn out, isn’t it? Even though I was training Dare for both Obedience and Agility, I thought I’d do Agility first, even though we did Rally. But it looks like it’s going to be just the opposite for us. Obedience first…we’ll see about Agility.

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