Wintery Training

Jet and Cookies
Well it’s that time of year for sure. Snow is on the ground, and it’s wet and icky outside. So I have had to move my training indoors. Fortunately we got a lot of training in last summer. I think Jet and Tatum both have a really good handle on agility, and next year they are both going to be competing on a regular basis. I suspect that Jet will move up in the ranks faster than Tatum. But I’ll be proud of them both no matter how they do!

So the indoor training goals for this winter include the following….
1. Scent Articles for Jet and Chase: They are both doing really well when there is cheese or some sort of food on the bit, but when it’s gone, they aren’t doing so well. So I’m going to clicker train the scented articles with both the boys, so they understand what they are supposed to be doing. I’m getting this from Clicker Training for Obedience by Morgan Spector. I like the book, and I think it’ll work well for them.
2. Send to the Back of the Jump: Doing this just with Jet. He needs to learn the skill of being sent to the back of a jump, then coming around to jump it towards me. It does seem this is getting more common in trials. It’s a skill we need and he’s catching on fast.
3. K9 Nose Work Boxes etc: Working this with all the dogs! They love it. Moving from boxes to other obstacles like chairs and stuff too. I also hope to put the scents in this too soon. Birch, Anise, and Clove.
4. Back Up: Jet still doesn’t know how to go backwards. The rest of my dogs do, so this is on the list to teach him!

And hmm… now I forget what else is on my list that’s stuck on the fridge in the kitchen. But those articles are going to take some time, I think. And they are fun! Maybe I need go get some document scanning going so I can make copies of my training list and put one at work too.

Oh and this picture? This is jet ‘helping’ us make Christmas Sugar Cookies yesterday. He’s such a goof. It was really hard for him not to eat all that dough, even though I told him he’d get super sick! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Wintery Training”

  1. How cute to have such a handsome helper with the cookies! Sounds like you all will be making good use of your winter time!

  2. sounds like a good plan for winter! I hate training scent articles, but did the cheese/pb on the bit method too. Just a teensy tiny smear, not even visible really. I left it on for a long time and it worked for us, but every dog is different. I have Morgan Spector’s book but havent read it in a really long time so I forget his method. I was told when I first started not to click though as everything about scent work is invisible to us, we have no clue what we’re clicking. Of course many people have very successfully used the clicker in teaching it!

  3. Hi Laura… yeah, those darn articles are tricky! I’ve never actually trained them before so this is my first attempt. Hopefully I’ll click the right thing… though yeah, i can see the point that we don’t really know what we are clicking. How odd to try to train something completely blind, something we can’t even sense. It’s interesting too!

  4. We dont have snow on the ground but its been so cold, who wants to go outside. Sounds like you have a good plan for all your dogs. Have fun! Diana

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