Jet is my Goldilocks Dog

My first agility was Levi, and he did a great job for me. He gave me his all and we had a really great time. He’s retired now but he’s still my heart dog. He was always a bit slow and he always had weave problems… so I tried him out, and he was just a little bit too soft.

Chase was my second agility dog. He also gave me his all but he is so fast that I can’t keep up with him most of the time. He’s a great boy but trying him out, he’s just a little too hard.

Jet is my third agility dog. I got him as a puppy and trained him as a puppy. Over the last 20 months we have been learning each other and figuring each other out. I’ve trained Jet with a lot of foundation work and I have more skills than I used to in agility. Jet, I am thinking, is going to be just right…

Jet is ready to trial! Though this is about our fourth run through the course. The barn we trial in is having some agility training days this winter, and it’s awesome! We can use treats and toys and train in the place we trial! I am thrilled. At first Jet was sniffing a lot, and blew his dog walk contact, but then he got into the groove of working and kicked it into gear. I’m still learning how to handle him but… it’s my hope that my Danish-Swedish Farmdog boy, Jet, is my Agility Goldilocks dog. I hope so! Maybe I can get some cash advances so I can start trialing him soon, as I’ll need the money! 😉

Jet in the Snow

6 thoughts on “Jet is my Goldilocks Dog”

  1. That is so cool to see you guys doing agiity together, you guys look GREAT! Neat you get to train and trial there-HAPPY NEW YEARS 2011 sounds like it will be Jets year! I really hope you get his first trial on video!

  2. Great to hear that the class went well! I can see why it would be tiring for the dogs. It looks like a really fun obstacle course, though.

    Thanks for sharing!

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