Levi Lost a Tooth

Oh no. I’m so sad. Not only did Levi have to have a tooth pulled today, it was one of his big upper canines! I feel like a very bad Mom. I should have been on top of it and kept it healthy. It was only one, but it was really bad. I know I should brush dogs’ teeth and stuff but dang that’s a lot of work and they all really hate it.

Levi had a couple of cysts on his foot too, that wouldn’t heal. So the vet put him under to take those off, and x-rayed his tooth to see if it was bad enough to remove. Well, it was. The rest of his teeth are fine though. I think this is Levi’s first extraction. I wish we could have done a root canal or something, but not sure if it’s worth it for a dog to go through all that.

Now Levi is groggy and recovering. I hope he feels better, the tooth was probably hurting him quite a bit. Ugh. No ATV Accessories for us now, we have to pay for Levi’s surgery. Poor boy. Levi is my heart dog, and I don’t like it when he hurts.

11 thoughts on “Levi Lost a Tooth”

  1. You should be shot for this animal cruelty. Cruelty investigators seize dogs due to poor dental care. You should be reported since you obviously think oh no I made a mistake. Dogs get seized from their owners for something as trivial as this.

  2. Dear “ontoyou”,

    Maybe you should get your facts straight before you post a comment like you did. Having a dog that’s tooth is in need of extraction at the age of 11 1/2 is very common. It is the responsible and loving thing to do to remove the decaying tooth so it doesn’t cause infections and poor health overall.

    And to Cyn and Levi,

    I know Levi has got the best nurse out there and will be feeling better soon! 🙂

  3. Hi ontoyou… well then, that’s an odd comment. My dogs are treated very well and get the best health care. You must not follow my blog at all. I highly doubt any of them would be seized and taken away from me. :p

  4. Hi Samantha, I should brush their teeth too… oh but they don’t like it at all! I admire you that you do it!]

  5. Hey cyn, we all know you are a great doggy mom. We’ve all had dogs that had to have teeth pulled, sometimes regardless of prior tooth care. I am glad you were responsible enough to have it done! It’s not a fun thing and I’m sure you made it as painless for Levi as it possibly could be!

    As for ontoyou’s comment all I can say is that must be a very unhappy person to have such a harsh and inaccurate viewpoint. Thankfully we all know better than to believe a word of what they said!

  6. Thanks Katie! yeah we don’t like having their teeth pulled but we gotta keep them healthy and safe! I am considering making his tooth into a necklace… 🙂

  7. only 1 extraction at 11 1/2 is awesome. i’m glad levi has such good parents who care enough to notice, much less have it taken care of. don’t worry about ontoyou. obviously doesn’t follow you blog and just wants to gripe. my mother always told me to clean my own house before criticizing someone elses. it’s a metaphor.

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