K9 Nose Work Kit

K9 Nose Work Kit

K9 Nose Work Kit
K9 Nose Work Kit
I have been putting together a K9 Nose Work Kit for myself. I don’t really like the kits they sell on the nose work website, so I figure I’d build my own. On the ones on the site they have only one tin. And I don’t like the idea of switching the different scents around in just one tin. I want a tin for each odor. So I have a big green tin for the Anise, and the little tin is a Burt’s Bees lip balm tin that I put the Birch in. I have another tin with Burt’s Bees hand salve that I still have hand salve in… lol, but I’m using it up and plan on putting the Clove in that one.

I cut the foam myself (we had some left over from some dog beds we made) but I didn’t do it very straight. LOL so I might redo that. And I did order some birch, clove and anise from the K9NW site, so I’m going to put those viles in the box too. The box I got from Sportsman’s Warehouse, it’s just a water proof camping box. When I tried to google boxes that were dog smell proof, all I got were results for people who wanted to know where to get a box for their pot that the police dogs couldn’t sniff through. LOL. I think that’s pretty much impossible!

So I’m building my kit. I think I’m going to use more treats for the dogs again so they will keep their hunt drive up. Hopefully I won’t get any adult acne while using the oils, I swear some things cause me to break out and I don’t like that! The Nose Work has been tons of fun and I’m having a great time putting all the equipment together.

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  1. i enjoyed the info about putting together your own nose work kit. my pit mix…bindi & i are just finishing the beginning nose work class. the trainer has purchased the small kit a website for nose work and isnt impressed w/it. all of us in the class are going to put our own together. like you…i would like to have just the case but that doesn’t seem possible. anyway…thank you for the info and picture. i think i’ll be able to put my kit together w/o any problems.
    thanx…susan & bindi

  2. Hi Susan! Yeah, the stuff is pretty easy to find. I went to a health food store and got the little jars. I don’t know why the q-tip jars they sell online are so big. Not sure why you’d ever need to use more than a couple q-tips. 🙂 And I want a tin for each odor, not one tin for all the odors.

    Let me know if you have any video of Bindi doing nose work, I’d love to watch!

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