Levi Is Healing Up Well

Well Levi is doing well. The big hole in his mouth where his tooth was is healing up just fine. So that’s good. I was concerned about that big hole. But his spirits are coming back again so I think he’s starting to feel a lot better.

He’s not even bothering his foot that much either where the cysts were. He has some stables in his foot where they were, and there’s not much red and no puss. And he’s pretty much leaving them alone too. He licks a little bit but nothing bad. I had the cone on him the first couple of nights but I think he’s leaving it alone just fine now. Maybe some prenatal vitamins would help him heal faster… but I’m not sure about that! I just want to keep him happy and healthy so he gets back to his normal obnoxious self. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Levi Is Healing Up Well”

  1. Hope he feels better soon, glad to hear he is healing ;-). When we had my older dog Maggie she had to have a bunch of teeth pulled, a BUNCH and she was hurting so bad after they were pulled but once she got over the initial thing I had a new dog, guess without the bacteria in her system and the bad teeth it seemed like it took yeas off her age-I could tell it helped her feel a lot better then she had. Hope Levi feels really good once he has a few days.

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