Treadmills are for Mice

I was watching Bones the other day and Sweets was on the Treadmill, and Seeley comes up to him and says “Treadmills are for Mice.” Well maybe it was for rats. LOL. But anyway… I have to agree. I go by all the people in the gyms and I just can’t help thinking what a waste of time I think it is. No offense to anyone personally!

I just think that there are so many more productive things to do for exercise.. and they all include dogs! Maybe if I didn’t have dogs I would do some sort of aerobics in front of the TV or something. But that is just no fun for the dogs. They want to be out running and playing. So I’d rather take them for a run, or even just a walk, or a hike, or to the park, or anything that involves them. It seems so much more productive to me than running in place inside. Of course this time of year sucks to be outside though. But the dogs don’t care, they just love to get out no matter what. I just need a good pair of women’s rain boots to keep my feet dry while I’m out, and that would make the dogs happy too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Treadmills are for Mice”

  1. One of the best things about having dogs is how they make it so much easier to get out and take a walk or do something! My daughter has swim practice in the evenings and I would go home if it wasnt for the dogs….because of them I bundle up and make myself use that tmee for training at the park and taking a long walk ;-).

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