Jet Gets Bored


Jet's cute face
I just cannot resist Jet’s face! He has such a happy face, I just adore him. So happy and innocent and goofy. 🙂 Unfortunately, he gets bored during the work week. I work 10 hour days. And when my husband is in school, he’s gone most of the day too. We can’t leave the dogs access to the outdoors when we are not home. They can’t have the dog door open or they’ll go out and bark all day and bug the neighbors. So they have to be cooped up inside most of the day sleeping. I need to set the webcam back up again, it’s really fun to watch them.

I feel guilty when I work all day, come home and feed them, and then watch a little TV and get to bed. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are not fun for the dogs. I keep thinking Jet needs another Farmdog to play with him… he has more energy than the collies, they just don’t cut it! And the border collies are just not big players. But no more dogs for us for a few years. So Jet has to make due with he can. Tomorrow night we have obedience lessons, he’ll like that a lot during the work week. Even though I don’t, I hate going out after work! But since Tatum is in agility Friday, no obedience lesson on Friday.

If Jet could play on the computer or phone, I’d get him some Iphone 4 wood cases, and then he could entertain himself. But, I think he’d just chew them up! 8GW9M4F4NTUR

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