Muffit’s Favorite Person

We adopted Muffit back in January of 2008. We’d fostered him a year and a half before that. He supposedly went to a good family. However, they were not good. They dumped him at the Utah Humane Society without calling the rescue back. Poor Muffit had to suffer at HSU for 2 weeks before they scanned him for a chip. When we got him back (he was still registered with the rescue, who called us first) he was sicker than any dog I’d ever seen before, and I thought we were going to lose him.

Three rounds of antibiotics later he got better and returned to his normal self that we remembered. Though he was less confident and more frantic than when we’d fostered him before. Poor guy, can’t blame him. Who knows what he went through. My husband and I didn’t even have to talk about it, we knew we were just going to keep him.

I thought of training him for flyball but he gets so frantic he has a hard time concentrating. So he ended up being my husband’s dog. And now my husband is his favorite person in the world. Aaron takes him hiking a lot in the summer. He takes him a fair amount in the winter too. On the days I’m home and Aaron isn’t, Muffit just seems kinda sad. He misses his favorite person. I don’t mind not being that person, I have enough other dogs to take care of. I wouldn’t be able to have six dogs without my husband. I wouldn’t be able to give them all enough attention. My husband is amazing, and I’m glad he’s developed a great relationship with Muffit. (Muffit is named after the mechanical dog on the original Battlestar Galactica show).

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  1. Muffit! So glad to see Muffit again. What a handsome and sweet dog. Cheers to you for rescuing him _twice_ and for finally giving him the stability he deserves. I think his nose grew out a bit since the last time he was on the blog. He looks very much like a collie now.

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