I’m Running Out of Socks

Jet at the Park

Jet at the Park
Jet at the Park
You know how expensive dog toys are? They are outrageously expensive. If you buy a regular old dog toy at Petco you can be spending from $5 to $8 just for one toy. And how long do they last? Um… not long in our house. In fact, the dogs got a toy for Christmas the they shredded it within hours. And it was a $8 toy!

So we double socks as dog toys. The drawback of this is that I run out of socks too often. But seriously, plain white ankle-length socks, the ones I usually wear, cost about $12 for a package of $6. That’s $.50 a pair. Now that, in my humble opinion, is a good priced dog toy. Plus the dogs love them, they seem to feel like they are getting away with cheating by stealing Mum’s socks! So why not? I think they are great dog toys. They get too holey to wear rather quickly, but we wash them and put them in the dog toy pile and the dogs are happy. Though I’d rather find some gold bars in the dog toy pile… I haven’t yet. Maybe Jet can dig me up one soon!

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  1. You are funny! Good post, I’m pretty sure you know about the Kong (they have a few). This is the toy of all toys for us we have a pitbull, yorkie and a Cane Corso Mastiff. Yes, they’ve gone through there fair share of socks but this Kong eliminated the extra cash for socks. Try it out, let me know how it worked. Thanks

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