Tatum’s Agility Tomorrow

Tatum and Jezi

Tatum and Jezi
Tatum and Jezi
Yup, it’s Tatum’s big day. She entered in her first real AKC agility trial. 🙂 She’s done ASCA before, but For Exhibition Only, which means she can jump 4 inches lower but not get any Qs. She’s also done an AKC trial before but it was just FAST. And she was nervous and FAST won’t really be her thing.

Tomorrow she’s in an AKC trial and he’s in Standard and Jumpers. Novice in both. I think she’ll do great! I know what I’m doing with her now better than I have in the past. I know what she needs from me. And we’ve trained in this place 3 times now within the last month, so hopefully she’ll be more relaxed.

If she’ll make course time and not knock any bars in her sillyness, then I think she has a good chance of getting a Q. It’s funny since she’s lived with us for over 3 years and we are just starting. But she’s had a lot of issues! She’s come a long way though!

Hopefully I won’t find out if is acai berry a scam, since I might bring some with me tomorrow. But I dunno, I might just eat rice and veggies!

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