Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are an AKC-FSS Breed!

Danish-Swedish Farmdog AKC Foundation Stock Service
I’m so excited! Check it out! Shortly after I imported Jet from Sweden back in July of 2009, I knew, in the back of my mind, that Danish-Swedish Farmdogs needed AKC. I wrote about it at length in my post about FCPR and International Registrations back in January of 2010. A whole year ago. Since then I’ve been able to find some great friends in the Farmdog community who understood where I was coming from. And together they and I put together a packet to send to the AKC to apply for recognition with the AKC Foundation Stock Service! Check out the AKC-FSS breeds… and check out the Danish-Swedish Farmdog AKC-FSS page!

We were accepted back in October 2010, but it needed to go to the AKC Board of Directors meeting in January of 2011. We received notice after that meeting that our Farmdogs were accepted! Waahooo!

I will admit to you that my opinion of the AKC has grown immensely since all this started. The AKC doesn’t write standards or change rules.. the AKC is basically a club of dog clubs. Not unlike the FCI itself. And now the US Born Farmdogs will be able to get AKC pedigrees (as long as people register their dogs with AKC-FSS). These dogs will then be able to show in conformation shows all over the world, in FCI member clubs. They will also be able to get breeding approval with dogs in other countries, countries which require approvals for all their dogs’ breeding.

Before this, the Farmdogs only had ARBA or UKC pedigrees. While this was all fine and good, these pedigrees were not recognized by any FCI member clubs. There was an agreement between the Danish Kennel Club and ARBA, to allow for dogs to breed and show in Denmark… and this was an awesome agreement pre FCI. Once the DSF became an FCI recognized breed, we needed the biggest, strongest kennel club in the USA. That’s the AKC. And the AKC is the only FCI recognized club in the USA. The AKC is not an FCI member club (there is one FCI member club per country), but the AKC has a Letter of Understanding (aka Reciprocity Agreement) with the FCI. This agreement allows AKC pedigreed dogs to be accepted in all FCI member countries.

This is huge for our Danish-Swedish Farmdogs. It’s not just a door opening to the rest of the world, half the house just blew off! The limitations that we’ve been sitting in since Farmdogs got FCI recognition in 2008 have now been stripped away!

I’m thrilled. I feel like I got a Farmdog, then swept through the country to change the status of the Farmdogs in the USA for the better. I’m glad that I met like-minded people! Not only did we apply for AKC-FSS status, we’ve also started a new club, Danish-Swedish Farmdogs USA (DSFUSA). We’ll be doing lots of fun things in the club, too, check out the website for more information! The club is not limited to just Farmdog owners. We plan to have webinars about health and sports and other things, and host events all over the country. So come join up!

So now I have to calm down and get back to work. I just had to share.

9 thoughts on “Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are an AKC-FSS Breed!”

  1. WOW, I cant believe that, that is so fantastic!!!!! Bet it will take weeks for your feet to touch back down to the ground, WHOOOT!

  2. Cigars…? Yack, or what you over there are saying! ;o) Cigars? All of you that achieved this for the lovely purebreed Danish-Swedish Farmdog deserve Champagne of the best quality!!!
    Congratulations & well done!

    I’m extremely impressed with your work and your commitment to the Danish / Swedish Farm dog!
    I am very grateful to be with and see how the race develops in your country!

  4. Hi Laura! Personally I would like to see the Farmdogs become a fully recognized AKC breed. But I think others are just happy with FSS. We’ll see how things pan out in the next couple of years with registrations and such.

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