ASCA Agility Weekend!

Tatum and Jet

Tatum and Jet
Tatum and Jet
Well, this weekend should be fun! It’s Jet’s first agility trial ever! He’s fully entered into an ASCA agility trial. Both Saturday and Sunday. Usually I’ll put a new dog in for just a couple of runs. But he’s doing so well in training, and has so much energy, that I fully entered him. Six runs a day both days. I sure hope he’s tired when we get home! When he’s tired, he’s less likely to get the bathroom rugs and tear around the house with them like they are toys!

It’ll be fun to see how he does. I don’t know if I’ll have anyone to video us, but I’ll ask around and see what I can do. I really do want to get video, I want to see how he does, and where our training is lacking, and what we need to work on. We haven’t been able to work much lately since it’s cold and snowy and yucky outside. Tatum is entered on Saturday, only in two runs, and For Exhibition Only, since I won’t jump her 20″ and ASCA has no lowered jump height that we can chose. Oh well, she’ll have fun anyway!

I hope he does well. I’m excited, and I’ll be nervous too. He’s also entered in two days of an AKC agility trail the following weekend. Oh, I got his AKC-FSS registration in the mail Saturday! So he’s officially an official AKC-FSS breed. Woo Hoo!

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  1. I was suprised at the last ASCA trial that they dont have any lowered jump heights, I had thought they were more like NADAC with the lower heights….
    I REALLY hope you get video, it would be so much fun to see Jet and so neat for you to have his Debut on video ;-). Good luck to Tatum and Jet!!! Have a great trial!!!!

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