Jet’s First Agility Trial Tomorrow!

Silly Jet

Silly Jet
Silly Jet
Okay, I’m pretty nervous. I hope I can sleep tonight. LOL. The funny thing is, Levi’s first agility trial was in February too. I think it was 2005… but actually I think it was 2004. I’ll have to check. I was so nervous I was in the bathroom half the trial! I did volunteer to work it though, even my first trial. It was fun.

Now, six years later, I’m starting Jet. It’s an ASCA trial and he’s fully entered. Six runs a day both days. I do have to remember that if anything falls apart or anything bad happens, I can always pull him. But actually, I think he’s going to do pretty well. I hope to get some video, but I don’t know who else will be there that I can ask to take video. So many people really hate taking video. I think that’s odd, I love video and I don’t mind videoing other people as well.

Tatum gets to do some agility just tomorrow, too, so she stays familiar with the arena. Tatum will be in an AKC trial the following weekend for two days. And Jet is in that trial too. It’s going to be a pain running two novice dogs at the same time. But I want to keep Tatum going so she doesn’t regress to scardy dog. And Jet, well, I just can’t help but run him, he’s ready!

I just have to remember that a trial is a test. It’s a test of how our training has been going. I think it’s good. Tatum’s training has been solid through trials, and so that’s a good thing. I hope Jet’s will be too. Jet doesn’t have distance training, we’ll work on that this summer. I have him in Novice Gamblers this weekend, and Novice FAST next weekend, but once we are out of Novice I probably won’t trial him in those anymore until we get some good distance skills under our belts.

I won’t have any iphone 3gs on my tomorrow, but I’ll have my android, and I’ll probably post updates on Facebook.

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