Jet’s First Agility Trial A Success!

I am thrilled! Jet did awesome in the ASCA agility trial over the weekend. Wow! He definitely lacks some skills for the upper levels, like serpentines, Distance, Discriminations, and his rear crosses are not strong. But over all, he did fabulous. On Saturday he got 3 Qs. Two Standard and One Jumpers. On Sunday he got 3 Qs again, One Standard and Two Jumpers. Here’s one of his videos… this is the last jumpers run on Sunday. So he’s tired at this point, probably mentally more than physically. But I have to post up this one just because he is so cute in the tunnel and the whole crowd laughs.

If you want to watch them all:
Click Here for All Videos.

So on Sunday, he earned his Novice Standard Title, and his Novice Jumpers Title. Woot!
He did fabulous. I couldn’t be more happy with him. I actually don’t think he’s really ready to move to Open in ASCA yet, we have things to work on. But that’s okay, not only do we have time, but we don’t have another ASCA trial until May. So we’ll see. This coming weekend we have 2 days of AKC agility, Sunday and Monday. So that’ll be fun too. But again, I don’t think he’s really ready for open in AKC either. But there’s not another AKC agility trial until May as well. So I hope the weather clears up some so we can get out and go back to our training field and work the things we need to work on.

He doesn’t have any distance at all, so if I want to do Gamblers and Q, or FAST, we are going to have to work distance. Fortunately, he’s young, and smart, and once I start to actually train distance, I’m sure he’ll understand!

He is adorable, and smart, and quick, and I’m very happy we entered the trial! Many people asked about this new breed of dog, this Danish-Swedish Farmdog, doing agility. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Jet’s First Agility Trial A Success!”

  1. THAT IS SOOOO FANTASTIC, such a young dog, first trial, that many runs and yet…..HE COMES THROUGH!!! What maturity he is showing, and what good training and handling-you guys are going to be a force out there!!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!!!

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