Danish-Swedish Farmdog UKC Champion

Silly Jet
Well, Jet got his third win in competition on Saturday for his UKC Championship. I am a bit concerned that a 4th place win, over five dogs, isn’t quite good enough to count as an official win in competition, but I have been told it is, so I really hope so. If so, then I think he’s the first Danish-Swedish Farmdog in the USA to get a UKC Championship. I’ll believe it for sure when I see that certificate come in the mail. 🙂

I realize that he’s really still not broad enough to be considered mature. But he was in the junior class. But, he goes to group, because there are no other DSF in the show. So he gets the win in the group, so that’s kinda nice. He beat out a Parson Russel Terrier on Saturday for his win. I just hope it’s his championship. I’m really not big into conformation, and I was so stressed over the weekend, that I really hope he’s finished!

And I get so tired when I’m stressed, but I don’t think I need any conjugated linoleic acid to help me lose weight, so that’s good. But I do want to take some serious down time next weekend to relax and get myself back together again!

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