Successful Agility Weekend

I had such an amazing agility weekend! I entered two of the three days of agility. The other day I was doing UKC conformation. But I have to say, I love agility much more! Here is one of Jet’s runs. He is in Novice. This is his second Novice Standard run of the weekend, and his second Q in that class.

I still need to work on that silly sniffing! He’d speed up on the contacts if he wasn’t so busy sniffing them. LOL. He’s a goof, and he’s young, so I don’t mind so much. And I have some ideas… I’m going to try putting a treat at the end and racing him to it, and if doesn’t beat me, he doesn’t get it. And backchaining the contacts a bit so he’ll get faster on them too. We’ll see how that works, but I think he’ll be fine.

All in all he did amazing for his first AKC trial. I was much more nervous than I was for the ASCA trial the weekend before. But I do take AKC more seriously than ASCA. I want to move up in AKC quickly, and get into Excellent by the end of the year. I think Jet will be able to do that. I have to work on some training issues but we have plenty of time. Though I always worry something will go wrong… health wise or injuries, so I am keeping my fingers crossed and being very careful.

Now that the agility weekend is over, and I’m out of the dirty barn, I have to get rid of these blackheads on noses that I seem to have developed, yuck!

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