Tatum Ran!

I am so thrilled with Tatum last weekend! She ran at agility! It was the first time she actually ran at a trial. Usually she does her silly trot. Here is a video of her.

I got more video, but I’m having problems getting it off the card, so I’m working on that. She only got 1 Q, in Novice Standard, but that’s okay. She kinda forgot how to weave. 🙂 But I think it’s more that it’s hard for her to actually run, and weave… she doesn’t weave fast. She weaves slow and has to think about it. But that’s okay. We’ll work on running fast and weaving on the same course. I’m sure she’ll get it!

So no adapexin for us, since we are doing good running at agility! Though I think I’m going to start getting out with the dogs more this week. I have to get into better shape. I’m not in good shape at all and I’m really feeling it!

I’m just thrilled with Tatum. She’s come a long way. She won’t Q as much as Jet, but she has a zillion more issues than he does, too. The fact that she’s Qing at all is amazing!

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