Goal: AKC Agility Nationals

Jet on the Beach
I think I can do this with Jet. It might be really too early to know, since I don’t even have Jet in excellent yet. He’s not even in open yet! He’s just a novice dog and we’ve only done two trials so far in his career. But, I’m being optimistic. And I really think Jet has the potential to make it to AKC Nationals. Hopefully we’ll be invited to AKC Invitationals too, but time will tell about that.

Jet is doing awesome so far, and I think I have a good training plan in place for him. He does need some skills like serpentines and discriminations and such, but we have a while to work on those. So far what I’m thinking to do is concentrate on our training all this year, and getting through Novice and Open. If we develop any problems, then I won’t trial him. I’ll train instead so we can work through those issues. I have good friends with good ideas if I get stuck on anything.

Jet is not slow, by any means, but his shorter stride gives me the time I need to handle him just right, and recover from any mistakes that I might make. And I do make mistakes! Jet is much more forgiving than Chase ever was. I really think Jet has the potential to get a MACH. And for AKC Nationals, once he is in Excellent B, he needs 6 Double Qs and 400 Speed Points between December 1 and November 30 of the following year. That will probably mean I’ll have to travel to get all those, but that’s okay. It might not be 2012 that I focus on those goals… but maybe it will be. I’ll have to see how this year goes. I do hope that he’ll be in excellent by the end of this year. So far, we are on the right track.

I just hope I don’t stress myself with this goal so much that I get too nervous. 🙂 If that happens, then I’ll have to back off on that goal. But I really think it’s doable. I’m really going to have to get my exercise plan going so that I can do all those trials!

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  1. I think it is a great goal and I am sure you guys will do it if that is your goal, you seem like a pretty determined team with plenty of talent!!! GOOOOOOO JET!!!

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