Lucy’s Meatball Diet

Lucy in her Bailey's Chair
Lucy and Jet

Well so far, so good, on the Meatball diet for Lucy. The first day, I gave her a liquid meal in the morning… her regular soaked and blended dog food. I want to make sure she gets enough water and so wanted to give her at least one liquid meal. Then the rest of the day I gave her a couple of meatball meals, and also some water mixed with gelatin. I think I still gave her too much gelatin too late in the evening, and so she regurgitated some of it about 1am or so. She was able to sleep on the bed with me though, which she loves, and she hasn’t been able to for a couple of years, because she gets me up at night so often.


She was drinking a bit out of the water bowls, which she can’t do, or else it’ll just come back up if she doesn’t sit in her Bailey’s Chair to get it down again. So the next few days I gave her two liquid meals… one in the morning and one about noon. Then after that it was all meatball meals. Oh boy, does she love eating meatballs!

She seems better at night, now. Last night she didn’t sleep with me, but in the morning there was no throw up on the floors, so that’s a great thing! I really am going to keep this up for a while and hope it helps her out so she doesn’t regurgitate so much. Poor Lucy, I really worry that her throat is raw and sore from regurgitating.

The downside is that ground beef is pretty expensive, but Lucy is worth it. 🙂 And another down side is the actual cooking, since I hate cooking, and when I stand in the kitchen for too long my upper back just hurts so much I have to sit down. But with the husband’s help, we’ll get her fed with meatballs. And we’ll monitor her weight, too, to make sure she’s not dropping weight. We don’t want her to be too skinny!

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  1. Please, Lucy’s parents, can you make me a special Bailey chair like you made for Lucy. I don’t know who to turn to. I can’t do it myself. My Charlie is an 11 year old 68 pound Pointer. He has arthritis and diabetes, but otherwise fine !? Today he was diagnoses with Megaesophagus, and if I can get him into a chair like that I think it would help so much.

    Do you think you can email me back, if you could do it, or have any other resources. Yours looks like such a nice padded one. My email is:
    With much appreciation, and thanks.

  2. Hi Terry, I can ask my husband… but he’s usually really busy and I think the cost of shipping it to you would be really high. If you join the Yahoo Group for MegaE maybe someone there can help? Good luck to you.

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