Innovative Flyball Box Turn Training

On my continuing quest to get Jet a better box turn, I had a new idea. Well, maybe it’s not really that new, since people use props and hovering sticks all the time. But I haven’t seen anyone put a bar directly on the box before. So this is my next attempt to get Jet to catch the ball, and use his rear on the box as well.

I like how this is working so far. I see success with him pushing off with his rear when he’s getting the ball. I think I’m going to stick with this method for a while and see what we get. I did take him to training, and I’ll get that video up too. I’m not convinced this method is holding over to the training place, but maybe if I work it every day, it’ll get stronger.

7 thoughts on “Innovative Flyball Box Turn Training”

  1. Did you at any point do wall training with him? Its something I have heard a lot of people have success with, as it teaches great hind end awareness and a really good, strong push off with the hind feet.

  2. Jet is so cute and it was neat to watch him figuring it out…think you get the creative trainer of the month award for sure!

  3. I know absolutely nothing about flyball but have you tried using a vertical pole in front of it so he has to wrap his body around it? I’m using a plunger for Vito’s running dogwalk training so he can’t cut off the board early. But like I said, I do’nt know anything about flyball!

    1. Some people use a cone or similar to teach a dog to wrap around it, but that tends to end up with a wider, sloppier box turn, rather than the fast, snappy turns we aim for. It can be a useful thing to try though, if all else is failing.

  4. Hi Crystal, yeah we’ve done the wall training, he does fine, but his problem is when the ball comes into play, and I don’t know if I can put a ball on a wall. LOL

    1. You can actually put a ball on the wall. And the glory of doing that is it tends to be too high for the dog to get without doing a full, good turn. Just use a X of tape or velcro on the wall to stick the ball to.

      A few of the videos for box turns on youtube have the ball on the wall. Normally I wouldn’t do it, but sounds like it might be a good step to help fix your problem.

  5. Hi
    Can I ask for the dimensions of the box you made.
    My collie has a very bad habit of landing front feet bang on the box and I would like to do some things at home.
    If I can make a simple box like this I have an area behind the house I could set it up.
    Thank you

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