Flyball Box Turn in Practice

And so for my ongoing quest to get Jet to have a good Flyball Box Turn, with some unconventional training, here are some more videos. 🙂

I took these last weekend at practice. I still like the idea of the bar on the box, or close to the box, for him to get up and get all four feet on the box. However, his rear end behavior still isn’t solid enough without some kind of help for him.

But he’s in a tournament next weekend, so I’ll practice with him as much as possible this week, and then next week, well, we trust in our training. 🙂

Some Box Work:

Jet Racing:

So, now it’s just up to love, luck, and training. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Flyball Box Turn in Practice”

  1. I’m dealing with a dog that forgets about his back end, too. I can get a nice turn with props, but without, he smashes into the box like a watermelon hitting concrete. So frustrating, and it’s got to be just awful on his shoulders.

  2. neat to see how you were able to raise that board up higher in the second video, and really neat to be able to see the progression of the training. Can not wait to hear how it goes in a trial!!!

  3. Looks like he is improving a lot. Any ideas why he does the hind end hang sometimes? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed another dog do that before.

  4. Weasel Puppy… that’s my biggest concern too, the safety of his turn and him not damaging his front end. Though he isn’t slamming the box (he’s not high drive and I’ve NOT trained high drive either) but still, I want a safe a box turn as I can possibly get!

  5. Hi Crystal… I am not sure why his rear hangs like that, except that it’s hard for him to walk and chew gum at the same time… LOL, catch the ball and think of his rear at the same time. It’ll be interesting to see what he does at the tournament, where he’ll have more drive and more speed.

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