From Flyball to Obedience to Agility

Jet on the Beach
Well flyball is done for a bit… though not for too long, since we have a tournament in May that we are going to go to as well. But the next things are obedience and agility the first weekend of May.

Jet is entered into his first Obedience trial. It’s AKC and it’s going to be on Thursday May 5.. errr, I think it’s the 5th. Is that a Thursday? Whatever. 🙂 I think it is. He’ll be in Novice B and I hope he does well. His Stand for Exam is still not solid. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes he wants to tuuuurrrrn his head all the way around to sniff the person going over him. So we’ll see. He might lose points but he probably won’t NQ because of it. And I hope he moves forward on the heels, once in a while he’ll just sit and won’t move. LOL. And I hope he comes on the recall, and I hope he stays on the stays. So much to worry about. But I guess it is what it is and I’ll have to trust our training!

Then that same weekend is agility. It’s the same judge 4 days in a row, and being in Novice and/or open it’s pointless to go 4 days in a row because you need to have legs under different judges for titles. So we are just doing the 3 days and hopefully be able to move into Open. Both Tatum and Jet are entered in that.

I was able to take them both to the agility field we practice in last week. Tatum was nervous again but she hasn’t been there in months. It’ll take her a while to get comfortable again. I’m hoping after 3 days of agility she’ll be better after the first day in the same place. But I’m just not sure with her. Jet will be fine, of course. And his hearing disability shouldn’t hold us back at all. My training disability might hold us back, though. LOL. And with all the snow we’ve been having this April, we haven’t been able to get out and train much, which sucks. But oh well, again, trust in the training. But I do know we still lack some training skills. I was able to work some serpentines last Friday with him so that was good.

Maybe some thrust bearings would kick us into gear and help us but I’m not so sure about that. Anyway, that’s the latest. Not much is going on this month but in May I’ll be overwhelmed. I have trials 5 weekends in a row starting in May and I’m not really looking forward to that without any down time. I wish I was retired so my down time could be during the week. Only 2 years 5 months 21 days to go. 😉

4 thoughts on “From Flyball to Obedience to Agility”

  1. Oooh Cynthia! Where do you find thoose extra hours to have time to all the fun dogrelated things that you do? And have a fulltime work besides that…? :O

  2. Jet is amazing at his young age to be able to compete in Flyball, Agility and Obedience, that is amazing…esp because he is a young guy.

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