Worried about Tatum

smooth collie

smooth collie
Pretty Tatum
I am worried about Tatum. Last week, it was Tuesday, when I got home from work, she was acting very spooky. She was not her normal usual sassy self. It was as though she was really scared. And unlike her fearfullness when we got her, she was afraid at home. And she’s never been afraid at home.

So then Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, she’d go through periods where she would pace and sometimes whine. Or just lay down and whine. Of course I was worried about her so I was up quite a bit that night with her. She didn’t seem like she was going to instantly die, so I didn’t take her to emergency, lol, though the thought did occur to me.

Wednesday morning I took her to the vet when they opened without calling. I love our vet. They were in a training, though, so I just dropped her off and they kept her that morning. They did blood test and examined her. They tested her for giardia and worms too. The giardia was negative, but the worms was positive. She has hookworm. Ugh.

I don’t know if hookworm could possible cause pain like she seemed to be experiencing. I had changed my thoughts from her being fearful, to her being in pain. I just couldn’t imagine her being fearful for so long. So over the next three days we had to deworm all the dogs. Which isn’t a big deal really. I just want them all to feel well.

Anyway, so over the weekend she just seemed fearful still. I don’t know if she’s still in pain or if she is now afraid that we have caused the pain. I am of the idea that dogs understand safe and dangerous. They don’t really have a moral compass, and if Tatum thinks that we cause her pain, then she’s going to act fearful of us. I think she has had many good experiences with us over the years, but because of her horrible start in life, she will always have an inherent distrust of humans. And so she has regressed to being fearful, similar to how she was when we got her. She still has spunky moments, she’ll go out in the back and bark, she’ll occasionally play with the other dogs, and she enjoyed doing the weave polls over the weekend when I did them with her. But now she cringes more when we reach for her, to pet her, and she avoids being in the same room we are in.

Saturday night and Sunday morning she vomited. I am pretty sure it looked bloody read Sunday morning. Ugh. So I think she is still not feeling well. Sunday night and Monday morning she kept her breakfast down. I called the vet back this morning and told her what Tatum is doing now, and the vomiting, but Tatum does seem a touch better today so we decided to just watch her again.

I pulled Tatum out of the agility trial at the beginning of May. I took her for a walk in the neighborhood on Saturday. She usually loves walks, her tail is up and she’s sassy and barking. But Saturday her tail was down and she was skittish and she didn’t seem to have fun. So I’m not sure if she’s still feeling bad, or if the feeling bad has really made her afraid. Ugh.

I guess we take it one day at a time now. I don’t want to make her do agility unless she’s feeling well and having fun. I might pull her from the trial in the middle of May too, but I’m not sure. It closes April 27th so I hope I can decide by then. Of course I’d prefer to get my money back if I don’t run her. Since I’ve already racked up over $200 in vet bills for her. 🙂 Not that it matters, money is irrelevant when it comes to my fur kids. And I’d go into debt for them if I had to. Maybe I need to buy gold bars to get some investments going for the dogs. 🙂 But anyway, I just don’t want to make her do agility if she’s fearful. So I’ll see how she is in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully bring her to the trials if she’s feeling well. But it’s been almost a week and she’s still not herself.

My poor collie girl. She is such a trooper, she had such a horrible start to life. She really deserves the best and happiest life she can get. I want her to be okay. Once again, I’ll push her a little bit, like I’ve always done, but not so much that she shuts down. It’s a fine line with Tatum Tot Spice, my sweet sable collie rescue girl.

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  1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear this :-((( Poor girl, hope the worms are the cause of what’s been going on and that it all gets resolved soon.

  2. Poor girl, I hope that she feels better soon, it is so hard when we can not ask them and they cannot tell us what is going on and what is bothering them ;-(. We will keep her in our prayers here. Kathy/Liz/Breeze/Cricket

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