Getting Ready for Obedience

Jet and my Leg
I got Jet’s confirmation in the mail today for our obedience trial. He is entered only on Thursday, Novice B. I need to find my darn armband. Why do I lose that darn armband so much? Ugh.

His Novice work is really nice, I think. As long as his stand for exam holds. I’ve been training up his open work too, so that he’ll be ready once he gets his CD. He might just scream right though novice, or I may be over confident, I’m not sure! But if he gets his CD then we’ll go into Open. He needs work on the Drop on Recall and the Broad Jump, but his dumbbell is really nice, so is his heeling. So those will be good. I think he just needs more time with the broad and the drop on recall. And I don’t want to mess up his novice recall either.

It should be fun. If I’m not too nervous. Maybe some coach gifts will perk me up. I’m kinda his coach.. and his team mate!

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