Jet’s First Obedience Trial

Oooo man, Obedience makes me so nervous! LOL. I got to the trial really early today, and sat for too long. But it was better than sitting at home fretting about being late and missing my time in the ring. 🙂

Jet went into the ring in the afternoon and he did pretty well. I thought his heeling would be better. His heeling in training is really solid. But this building is hard. There are lots of smells, and there’s conformation going on too, and agility outside. And Jet does have trouble resisting sniffs sometimes and it showed in this run.

He did not Qualify. He would have, but in the long 3 minute down stay he couldn’t resist the girl border collie next to him, and crawled over to see her. The goof. So the judge nodded at me to go and get him and so I did, and then we had to stand until the rest of the down stay was done.

Other than that he would have qualified. And this did give me a really good idea of what we need to work. We need to work speed at the start of the heeling. More push-backs I think. And I think we need to work finding heel position. Like I need to run away and play with him a bit then have him fall into heel at my Trot cue and have him stay with me.

But I was happy with him anyway. And the video always looks better than the actual feel of the run. 🙂 He’s a good boy. We have a month before he has another obedience trial, so we can do some work!

And tonight I’ll be able to sit on the couch and rest. Obedience stresses me out more than any other dog sport. So I’m tired. But I ate well today, which was good so hopefully won’t need any sensa to help my weight loss along!

3 thoughts on “Jet’s First Obedience Trial”

  1. Totally hear you about obedience being stressful – I find it extremely stressful, too. Our first trial is June 11th!

    In any case, it looks like Jet did totally awesome, especially for his first time out. His stand for exam was gorgeous, and his off leash heeling towards the end of the pattern was to die for! He looked pretty good on the on lead heeling also!

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