Jet – NA NAJ

Well Jet has two new agility titles! His first AKC agility titles. In fact, he’s probably the first Danish-Swedish Farmdog with an AKC title of any kind. He got his NA title yesterday, and his NAJ today. Woot!

I didn’t get video yesterday but I did get some today. I’m thrilled with how he is running. I couldn’t be more pleased. So far he has a 100% Q rate in Standard. Four runs, four Qs. At this rate he could be into excellent in our next trial in two weeks. Wow. I’ve NEVER had a dog this consistent. Finally, my third agility dog, possibly I got the training right!

In his Open Standard run I ran out past the weaves too far and so didn’t give him a good entry. But that’s okay, one refusal is acceptable and we Q’d anyway.

In Novice Jumpers he did beautifully. He’s really starting to read my rear crosses well. I’m not quite sure when to cue them, LOL, but I’m learning:

And in FAST he did great. It was an easy send, so we picked that leg up too. I’m not too concerned about FAST and haven’t entered him in FAST in future trials. I just haven’t had the time or motivation to train distance. Once I do, he’ll learn it quickly:

I couldn’t be happier with him. Did I say that already? LOL. I’m on cloud nine and I just adore this dog. He’s perfect for me in every way.

Now I just need some long hdmi cables so that I can watch the video from my new HD camera on my TV and see it full screen! Hmm maybe I’ll go do that now!

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