Not A Serious Bone

Jet with a Sock

After doing agility with Jet all last weekend, I was just thinking what a goofball he is. I don’t know if the girl Farmdogs are more serious or not, since I don’t have one (yet), but Jet doesn’t have a serious bone in his entire body.

Before we go on the line for our agility run he’s rolling around on his back being a silly dork. He’s sniffing every blade of grass. He wants to say hi to all the other dogs and people. Then he rolls on his back again.

He wants to eat treats and he wants to goof off and chase butterflies if there are any. LOL. Fortunately once we are on the line for our run, he seems to kick it into gear just fine and he does a good job. However, if a butterfly would happen to fly by, then I might lose him again. He is just such a sweetheart that I can’t get mad at him, though, I just laugh at all his silly antics!

So even though he’s a goof, he still does really well in agility and obedience! The obedience is more of a serious sport, so I think I have to work on that a bit more, but it’ll come! And this weekend we have a flyball tournament, and he’s doing well with that, too!

2 thoughts on “Not A Serious Bone”

  1. Nice post, Cynthia. I look forward to joining the DSF list and learning more. I wonder if they are all as great as Jet?

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