Remembering Angel

Sweet Angel
Well, it’s been one year since Angel died and left us. Yes, it still makes me cry. I miss her very much. I think she had a good life with us, even though she came to us with a broken leg, fresh out of the shelter, too skinny and feeling bad.

Over the years we got her healthy, maybe a bit chubby, and gave her lots of love. I remember chasing her around the house when she had a sock. She ran slowly, but the look of sheer joy on her face was priceless. I miss chasing her around the house. I miss holding her and loving her and being with her. It’s weird to think that she no longer exists in this world. Sometimes I count the dogs and I know that one is missing. Sometimes I expect to see her, feel her, know she’s around.

This is a cute, typical picture of her, up top. She could never curl up on her own, her body wasn’t built very well. But she loved to snuggle in beds, and some other terror collie (Tatum, lol) chewed a nice hole in that couch. Angel liked to take advantage of it until we took the couch to the dumb.

I miss you Angel. Someday I hope to see you again. Until then, I hope you are cruising around whatever existence you are in, enjoying yourself completely. I love you Angel.

Lovely Angel

3 thoughts on “Remembering Angel”

  1. Angel clearly has the most beautiful of souls … I also miss dogs I’ve known and are no longer with me …
    Take care.

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