Flyball and Lake Mead

Last weekend Chase, Jet and myself went to Las Vegas for a flyball tournament. It was pretty fun, though busy and loud. And windy. And Saturday was too hot and Sunday was too cold.

Our teams did pretty well. Both teams placed in their divisions on Sunday. Only one team placed in their division on Saturday. But really I go because the dogs have fun, and to get points for titles. Not really for placements. 🙂 Though I do like it when we do our best.

On Friday before the tournament, and Monday before we went home, I took the boys out to Lake Mead. Jet has never swam before, but he did this time! I was thrilled. Ignore my dumb yays on the video because I was just happy to see Jet swim.

Jet was cold after swimming, poor boy. I needed some hand dryers to warm him up. Maybe I should put a hair dryer in the van that can be powered by the van itself. Do they make such things? Hrm..

Anyway, Jet’s box turn was pretty good, I think. We barely had enough people to race dogs, box load, and shag balls, so I didn’t get any video. Bummer. I wish I did because I want to make sure Jet’s box turn is holding up good. From what I saw I think it was, but it’s hard to tell from way back in the lanes when Jet is up at the box.

Jet ran a singles of 4.6, which is good. I know he could run faster but I don’t train for speed. I train for accuracy and consistency in agility and that’s my primary goal. So I’m happy with how he is doing. Jet was start dog on his team, Chase was third dog. Chase is usually start dog so it was fun to have to pass him this time for a change. Even passing Chase had consistent 4.7 times. That’s what he usually gets starting too so that tells me that my passes were good and tight. I only early passed him I think 3 times the whole weekend so I was happy with my passing for the weekend too.

Next weekend is agility… I need to sleep for three days first, but I have to work instead!

3 thoughts on “Flyball and Lake Mead”

  1. I am not going to Logan. A bit too much of a drive for me since I have no $ for a hotel. We are going to wait until AKC in June to trial again.

  2. I don’t know very much about flyball, but it sounds like you and the doggies had a great time and they are doing really well!! That’s super that Jet has taken up swimming!! He’ll enjoy it even more as it gets hotter!

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