Agility and Noise

Well today was our first day of AKC agility in Logan, Utah. It was pretty fun.. though I had a moment of total freak out breakdown unfortunately. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Jet’s first run was Open Standard. He did awesome. I didn’t plan on him moving to the side after the chute so we had a refusal on the tire. But he did great and didn’t have any more issues. Here’s his run, it’s his second Open Standard leg:

Next was Jumpers with Weaves. Well, before our run, something spooked Jet. And since he’s deaf in his left ear, sometimes sounds do that. I think it may have been some clapping or something. Ever since we trained in a building in Farmington that is metal, and when empty it really echos a lot, and I clapped in there once and spooked him, now he occasionally doesn’t like a clap. Usually it’s just a sudden sharp clap that he doesn’t like. His tail tucks and he acts like he wants to run.

So today something happened, then the GO noise that the timer machine makes before everyone’s run was spooking him. UGH! It was awful. It totally freaked me out that it was freaking him out. And I near had a meltdown thinking I’ve gotten yet another dog who is not going to be able to do agility. As well as a dog that is nervous around noises and has issues. UGH!!! So I was all spooked myself. Though when we went into the ring, as you can see, Jet looks entirely fine like nothing at all was wrong. LOL. It was me who was so nervous and stressed that I handled him poorly. So we had 3 refusals and didn’t Q. But I’m glad we have the video so I can see how nicely he ran.

So anyway, tonight I’m resting and taking it easy and recovering from my nerves. The fact that I haven’t had much downtime in the last three weeks is also wearing on my nerves. Maybe I can hide in a Marcus nurse uniform and no one will know who I am, or that I can be a total dork sometimes!

Tomorrow will be better. If Jet gets spooked, then we deal with it. I won’t fret about it. I won’t worry. I’ll just deal with it and help him to make it better. It will be okay. I know it will. It has to be.

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