From Novice to Excellent in Three Trials

Jet did awesome in agility again today! He qualified in both of his open runs. This morning he qualified in Open Jumpers with Weaves which gave him his 2nd Q in that level. One more and he’ll get to move to Excellent A JWW. Maybe we can pick that up tomorrow, I can sure hope so! Here’s his run:

He also qualified in his Open Standard Run. This… my dear friends, puts him into Excellent A in three trials! How can I be more proud of my boy? I’m amazed. I know he’s not the fastest dog in the world, but I didn’t train him for speed. I train for consistency and accuracy, and by gum, I think we’ve got it!

I got over being spooked at his being spooked about the sounds, too. And we are working through it. I bought some Great Bait at the show ring and Jet and I went and sat in the grass through one of the excellent runs and every time people clapped he got a super good treat. Every time the GO sound went off he got a super good treat. I also recorded the darn sound so I can go home and play it too so he’ll get used to it.

I’ve been running Tatum too this weekend and she Qd on Friday but she didn’t today. I think she’s getting really burned out. She’s a good girl though and is still trying! I’m not sure I’ll travel with her to 3 day shows, this is mostly a test to see how she does. Now she’s sleeping on the chair in the hotel room, she’s very tired! Maybe a multivitamin would perk her up… or me, I’m due for mine!

Sweet Jet

4 thoughts on “From Novice to Excellent in Three Trials”

  1. Holy moly — big congrats to you and Jet! What a great accomplishment – you must be very, very proud of your boy 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Looks like so much fun! Hope that me and Scott will try agility soon, looks like the perfect sport for a Danish Swedish farm dog 🙂

  3. I love Jet! He is so focused, and you’ve done wonderful work with his contacts! He is really cute, too. Congrats!

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