My Dogs Do It All!

So I got these fun vinyl stickers for my car this week. 🙂 I’ve had the one that says Smooth Collies Do It All for a couple of years now, but it was falling off and some of the letters were missing. So I decided that I really needed a new one.  And while I was buying it, I decided that I needed one for Jet, too. (I got these on )

Don’t tell the collies or collie people, but Danish-Swedish Farmdogs can, I think, do more than collies. While they can both do herding and therapy, agility, obedience, rally… on and on. One thing that Farmdogs can do that collies can’t is ratting, Go to Ground, Earthdog type stuff. LOL. The collies just don’t really care much about chasing things, unless they are sheep. 🙂 At least mine don’t anyway!

So I like my minivan stickers. Maybe I also need some cord covers to put in my van, so I have them for hotels since I stay in hotels so much. I do really need a small portable power strip!

One thought on “My Dogs Do It All!”

  1. Those are some pretty awesome decals! I have two (magnetic) bumper stickers that say “Real Women Train Flyball Dogs” and “Flyball, its not just a Sport, its an ADDICTION!”

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