The Tatum Fan Club

Tatum has been doing so well at agility lately that I’m just stunned. In Logan, Utah, a couple of weeks ago, she managed to get a 50% Q rate in Novice and pulled off both her NAP and NJP titles! I was thrilled. I am always so thrilled with how well my silly girl is doing. She came from such a rotten start, lost in a hoarder’s yard with 70 other collies, bad people experiences, and so afraid when she left our house. Well, look at her now. She ran so fast out of the start line she completely took me off guard and I had to run to catch up!

She always had a really fast recovery and so I just though she probably had it in her. And now she loves agility. She’s nailing her weave polls every single time. She’s hardly going around any jumps anymore. And she just loves the contacts. This video is from our DOCNA trial last weekend. I don’t think she’ll every be fast enough to qualify in DOCNA, but we had fun anyway. And maybe if I actually learn how to handle her in changes of direction and crosses, then maybe we could speed up a bit!

A friend of mine was saying, at the DOCNA trial, that at first people didn’t really think she’d be able to do agility, and thought I was a bit crazy. But now I got a lot of comments on how well she’s doing, and how people love to watch her run. And so my friend said now there’s like this little Tatum Fan Club that is rooting for her. 🙂 She’s my baby girl, with her own fan club. LOL.

At home she rules the house, pushing the other dogs around. She will always have issues, fortunately she’s completely house trained so we don’t need any carpet cleaners raleigh nc. And she does spook more easily than other dogs, and she doesn’t much like people… though she will go up to you now and see if you have any treats. And it seems I’ve had so many people give her treats, that she thinks most everyone does now.

I’m so proud of Tatum. I’m moving her to open for her next AKC agility trial. She can do 12 weaves, and I know she can do the courses. So it’ll be fun to see how she does!

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