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So in June 2011 I have six full days of agility. That’s almost a full week. 🙂 I’d much rather spend a week of agility than a week of work anyday! In July I also have 6 days of agility. So in June and July I have 12 days of agility, but then I’m sure you can add. LOL. I just think it’s fun to see how many days of agility I have so far!

After July, I won’t have anything until September. I’m bummed! Well, I can’t say I don’t have anything. In August I’m gong to a Chris Zinc seminar in Grand Junction, Colorado. That’ll be fun. Then the end of August I’m going to Camp Winnaribbun. In September I am going to DOCNA Championships, too. Mid-sept I have another AKC trial. It’ll be okay to take a break… I guess. I’m just having so much fun trialing with Jet, that I don’t want to take a break!

Anyway back to the present… LOL. This weekend is a 2 day AKC Agility trial. Jet is now fully in Excellent A in both Standard and JWW. And Tatum is in Open in both. I sure hope Tatum can do all 12 weave polls okay! And with Jet, no more mistakes allowed, we have to run clean to Q! I hope we’ll get into Excellent B before these 12 trialing days pass. If not, then I need to seriously reassess our training!

Jet is also in obedience this weekend. I haven’t been thinking about it that much because it’s making me nervous. I don’t really know if he’s ready. His heeling still needs work and so do his stays. But we’ll see. I hope to get video of both agility and obedience.

And we will stay safe, so we won’t need any Bronx Medical Malpractice Attorney, though that doesn’t really apply to agility at this time! LOL.

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