Between Agility Trials

Well I just haven’t had the gumption to come update my blog with last week’s trial results. I’m not sure why, because Jet did really well!  I messed up a couple of times, so out of 4 runs he only got 2 Qs.  But we are in Excellent A now, and so we have to run clean. No more mistakes allowed.  So it’s a bit harder.

Jet Qualified in Exc A JWW on Saturday, and Exc A Standard on Sunday. The Sunday’s JWW run he took the wrong end of the tunnel.. so that’s tripped us up twice now. Once in open, and now once in Excellent A. But I haven’t had time to get out and work it… and we have a 4 day trial this weekend. So I’ll just have to see how it goes. I’ve been feeling a bit sick this week too so haven’t really had the gumption to go out and train agility like I should.

Those are his two Sunday runs. The STD Q and the JWW NQ. I am happy with our runs anyway. For him to be doing so well and it’s only his 4th AKC trial… I cannot complain.

We have a chance to get into Excellent B this weekend, and I’m trying not to stress about it. LOL. If Jet gets into Excellent B and earns a speed point, that’ll be my very first AKC Speed point ever. After 8 years of agility, to finally get my firs speed point… I’ll have to frame the darn thing in gold. LOL It either means I’m a dunce to keep trying for so long, or I’m just good and persistent. I’ll interpret it that second way. 🙂

Gotta go to Blackfoot Idaho this weekend for four days of AKC agility. Maybe I’ll look at which motorcycle gps would be best, but then I have one for my car, which seems to work just fine. But that reminds me I want to print some maps so I know where I’m going!

2 thoughts on “Between Agility Trials”

  1. Persistence wins points! And, imagine how much more this will mean to you 8 years down the road than if you got that speed point in your first year or two.

  2. Good luck this weekend! We will be there too, so maybe we will see you guys. Jet is doing SO well! You will more than deserve that speed point once you get it!

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