Weave Challenge

Okay since we had some weave issues at the last AKC agility trial I really wanted to participate in Kathy’s Weave Poll Challenge! So here it is!

First I did Jet… he did really well, it’ll be interesting as the time goes by and we move the jump around to see how his entries are.

Then I thought what the heck, why not to Tatum too? She doesn’t really send to anything.. she has no interest in toys, and I haven’t worked a toss/treat bag but I really should. So anyway I did it with her too and she did better than I expected, especially on the call through and the send!

This will be fun. I might be doing it more than once a week to catch up since I’m kinda behind, everyone else started 10 days ago!

4 thoughts on “Weave Challenge”

  1. Jet did great and Tatum did very well.She even moved a little more quickly a few times! Good job everyone!!

  2. You guys did great and that is so AWESOME Tatum deceided to do her weaves too, she really did SO good and Jet, well he is always awesome!

  3. Tatum and Jet did great! I’m on the philosophy that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. Guess I need some work!


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