Jet’s AX

Well, on Saturday Jet got both his JWW and Standard Qs too, which gave him his AX title. Woo! I’m excited. We had a great weekend. I’m not sure why Blackfoot, Idaho, went so very wrong. LOL. But we made up for it this weekend. I’m thinking in Blackfoot it was a combination of stress, harder courses, and cooler weather making Jet run faster, which I’m not good at handling. 🙂

So now he’s officially Stolta Ebbas Einride of Sweden AX AXJ. Wooo! Below is the playlist of all the videos from the weekend. If you want you can scroll through them and watch. Tatum’s are in there, too.

Jet is such an amazing little Danish-Swedish Farmdog doing agility. He is so absolutely perfect for me.. But then, he’s perfect, Qs or no Qs. 🙂 I just adore him, and I am having fun doing agility with him! And with all the running around I did last weekend, I don’t have to look for Diet pills that work fast, because I’m running fast!

15 thoughts on “Jet’s AX”

  1. LOL. Tatum looks like she is getting a little old, heeheehee. But I love it ! Everyone looks so happy ! Great Job Guys !

    1. Thanks Lisa, yup I love playing agility with our best friends. There is nothing more fun in the world.

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