Jet's Nose

Jet's Nose
Jet's Nose
I was inspired by Mutts and a Klutz blog, where I saw a picture a while ago taken just of her dogs’ nose. I think Jet has a really cute pattern of colors on his nose, and I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of him for a while, and finally got around to it. Yes, I’m slow.

The husband is running the sprinkler out back today, so Jet had to sit in one spot that was water free, and he was not very happy about it. But I think I got some cute pictures, this one being my favorite. Though I’d like it better if his nose was actually in focus, instead of his face, but it kinda gives it a bit of an artsy look anyway.

We are taking a down weekend this weekend. I’m not feeling very good, still recovering from agility last weekend. Plus I have some sort of virus going on, or FMS or something, going to some doctors to try to figure it out. The most annoying thing is it cuts into my dog stuff way too much. And I’d rather be out doing dog stuff in this nice summer sunshine, than sitting at home reading and taking it easy. But the more I take it easy, the better I feel to do that dog stuff. Maybe I’ll spend some time on the web looking for power tool batteries for dad, since he mentioned that he might like some for the next holiday.

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  1. Awwww, that is a *very* cute little schnozzle! 🙂 I like that we can see his eyes too. Hope you’re feeling better soon…!

  2. very cute nose, hope you are feeling better soon, it is such a pain to have something like that that just makes ya feel like you are dragging ;-(.

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