Getting Baths

Levi Getting a Bath
My dogs really hate getting baths. 🙂 I did try, with Jet, to get him into the tub, play with him in the water, give him treats… and actually he’ll kinda be okay in the bath when there are treats involved. But if I actually do the shampoo and things then he really doesn’t like it at all. LOL

I plan on giving Tatum, Jet and Levi all baths next weekend before we go to camp. I do love clean dogs. It’s going to be a long drive… 9 hours total. I’m splitting it up into two days, though. I’m driving from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Winnemucca, Nevada, on Saturday. That’s about five and a half hours. Then on Sunday I’ll go the rest of the way to Tahoe. That’s about three and a half more hours. I’d rather have two leisure days of travel than one big rush day.

Maybe I should get some canon ink cartridges and do more picture printing when I get home. I love printed pictures, I just don’t seem to have the time to really get them printed out. I do have a nice printer though!

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