I Need a Color for Jet

When I was at camp (yes I wish I was still there, I wish I LIVED at dog camp… ugh), the lady in charge of the hikes, Sandy, said I should find a color that I can wear when I take Jet off leash so he can always spot me easily. I thought this was a really good idea. So I did some googling about what colors dogs can see.

According to this article from Psychology Today, dogs only have 2 cones in their eyes, instead of 3 like humans, so they can’t see the whole color range that we can. I’m stealing the image… I hope they don’t mind, but this is what a dog’s color vision supposedly looks like:

Dog Color Vision
Dog Color Vision

So according to this, maybe I should pick a darkish blue, or a yellow? I want to get a bunch of t-shirts all that color, and hats too. And I can knit some warm hats the color I pick for the winter. Get some baseball caps for the summer.

Anyway I thought I’d ask the opinion of you guys who read my blog. What color should I get so Jet can identify me off leash? Since he’s deaf in his left ear, he cannot locate me by sound.

2 thoughts on “I Need a Color for Jet”

  1. That is a great image! We have been noticing lately how impossible it is for the dogs to find green colored gloves, etc. This would explain why!

    I choose blue, but of course that is Rugby’s color, so I am biased. :-p. I think blue would look good with Jet!

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