DOCNA Championships 2011

Jet and Dare
Last weekend I took Jet to Grand Junction, Colorado, and we competed in the DOCNA Agility Championships. We had fun and Jet was a goof as usual. 🙂 The first day he kept bouncing up and down like a dork and I couldn’t figure out what he was looking for. The next day I realized that the orange fencing that was around the rings probably reminded him on Course A’ Lure, and he was looking for a lure. After observing him for a little bit yup… he was definitely acting like he was looking for a lure. Dang he loves that lure coursing.

So the first day he was pretty distracted out on the agility courses, but he ran fairly well. I need to load up some video that I got. Haven’t had time or energy since I’ve been back. The second day he only was distracted a bit in the early runs, and later on he did a really nice job and did everything I asked him to do and we had fun.

Unfortunately at the championships there are only ribbons for placements. There are no Qs. And Jet is not fast enough to be really competitive at the 16″ level. He would have Q’d almost every run, but since he’s not that fast, we didn’t get any ribbons. But that’s okay we had a good time. However I don’t know if I’ll go back next year, since I do like a ribbon or two, so we’ll have to see.

The prior weekend not only did he get one Double Q in the AKC trial, he got two Double Qs! He got one on Saturday then again one on Sunday. I was thrilled. I wonder if they are on the AKC site yet, I love looking at legs on the site!

This weekend we have a break, then the next weekend we are doing another AKC agility trial. I hope for some more speed points and maybe another QQ! 🙂 I’m really excited that I finally have a dog, after doing agility for 8 years, that’s able to get some QQs! 🙂

Oh and this picture was taken at Corn Lake in Grand Junction… that is Jet’s best girlfriend in the world, Dare. And their relationship is just like the picture. Jet adores Dare, but she could take or leave him. It’s such a cute picture I had to post it up!

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  1. that is funny about the orange fencing, I am a chicken and have been sort of reluctant to introduce my dogs to lure coarsing, who knows what I might turn on because I am sure they would love it, LOL, hahaha. That is a fantastic picture. Sounds like you have been busy and TWO DOUBLE Q’s sounds like you guys are trying to make that a habit, ;-)! Good job and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

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