Chase Turned 8

Chase's 8th Birthday and pizza
Chase's 8th Birthday and pizza
Well Chase, our black border collie rescue, turned 8 years old. We got him a Birthday Pizza from Ma and Paws, with double the fixin’s. He loved it, as you can see. All the dogs love the birthday pizzas and we split them up and pass them out to all the pack.

Chase’s birthday is just a guess since he’s a rescue and we didn’t know it for sure when we got him. So his birthday is September 21, 2003, because I figured the first day of Autumn (usually anyway) is a good and easy day to remember. And I love the autumn so it’s a fun time of year for me.

He gobbled down his share of the pizza and so did the other dogs too. Happy Birthday Chase!

Oh and I have to put another picture in of little Jet trying to get onto the counter, too, he’s just too small to reach!

Jet and Chase Want Pizza

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