We Built Levi A Ramp

Well Levi is getting old… he’s our last oldie for a while. And we want to keep him around for a long time, happy and healthy. Since he’s been having problems with his back, he doesn’t like to do the stairs much anymore. So we decided to build him a ramp from the back yard so he doesn’t have to walk up and down the stairs. The first picture is just of the stairs.

Levi and Tatum

Of course every project ends up being a lot bigger than anticipated. We got this wood from my work place years ago. They were doing construction and gave it away for free since they were going to just throw it out. So I snagged it in my Toyota Pickup and brought it home.

Ramp Starting

It’s been on the side of the house, but we use it now and then. Lucy’s chair was made out of the stuff, too. And free is always good. It’s thick sturdy wood. The above pictures is the platform that my husband thought Levi needs when he comes out of the dog door. If he angled down right away, it might be bad for his back, so we put up a platform first.

Jet Snoozing

I had to get a picture of Jet sunbathing on the stair. So cute, he’s the only dog we have little enough to sleep on a step.

The Ramp Forms

It was hot outside when we built it, mid 80s… though summer would have been hotter. This ramp was a bigger project than we thought, maybe some Beverage/Sommelier Jobs would have been easier to do! But we kept on. And I thought the edges would be dangerous and Levi might fall off the side. Like he fell off the pier (was pushed my Tatum, actually) at camp a month ago. So I insisted to my husband that we put sides on the darn thing.

Putting up Sides

Levi or Tatum could both fall off, they are not the most limber of dogs in the world. Jet and the Border Collies would fare better, but they are also younger.

From the Inside

So it’s all done, railings and all. 🙂 Well actually not all done, we need to paint it and put some sand or something on it so the dogs don’t slide down. Us too. It’s pretty solid because of the thick wood, and my husband does an excellent job of building things. It was kinda a pain to put the sides on, but I do think, when all the dogs ran out full speed barking at something, Levi would be the one to fall, and that would have been bad.

Another cool note, our neighbors were giving up their fire grate today, it was on the front of their house with a sign. And I’ve needed one for a long time! Since we moved our TV room upstairs, I want to have fires in the fireplace again. But we’ve needed the fire grate, and now we have one! It’s super nice, too. Solid and way better than the last one we had. I dusted it off and put it up.

New Fire Grate

And yes that’s a mattress we have on the floor. Levi likes to lay on it. And we only have one chair in the living room upstairs. And a bean bag my sister gave us. We don’t want to haul the couch up, and we don’t have room for it anyway. So we sack out on the mattress to relax. And Levi loves it too, it’s his special bed.

4 thoughts on “We Built Levi A Ramp”

  1. Nice job on the ramp–having sides is a good idea–I have heard of a dog that fell off the ramp and was so very badly injured, that she had to be put down, so that was a good choice to do. The fireplace grate looks perfect! Have you tried accupuncture or reiki for Levi?

  2. lucky you have the room for one. our back door goes into garage and with cars in garage theres no room for one, I pick dylan up and take him out and in

  3. What a nice home for your dogs, such a nice ramp to make things easier and a mattress on the floor because it is comfortable, your dogs are lucky to live in such a great home ….all dogs should be so lucky!

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