Jet’s Third Double QQ

Samoyed Club of America Agility
Jet's Ribbons This Weekend
I’m thrilled, Jet got his third QQ today! The Samoyed Club of America is having their National Specialty here in Utah, and they are nice to let all breeds compete this weekend. Aren’t the ribbons just cute? I really like them. 🙂 Yesterday Jet did awesome, but on the Standard course he took an off course jump that I wasn’t expecting. He was going pretty fast and so I didn’t mind. He did Q in JWW yesterday and picked up 4 MACH points. He also Q’d in Time 2 Beat, which is being a pretty fun class for us, and really just for fun.

Today he Qualified in Time 2 Beat in the morning, took first place and got us 10 more points for the T2B title. So far he has 5 Qs and 42 points. He needs 15 Qs and 100 points for his T2B title, so we’ll keep doing that for fun. I am not doing FAST with him since I haven’t trained distance on him.

This morning we got our Standard Q in a really nice run. The judge is Dan Butcher and his courses are actually pretty hard. Yesterday they were super hard, today they were not quiet as hard but still difficult. Lots of off course traps, lots of turns and side changes. Jet got 15 Speed Points in Standard this morning, which I think is the most he’s ever gotten in one run.

His JWW run was good too, he took first place and got 9 speed points. Wow, how cool is this, actually tracking QQs and speed points! First time in my life, after 8 years of agility. I’m still thrilled and grateful every day that Jet, my little Danish-Swedish Farmdog, is doing so well at agility!

So this puts him up to Three Double Qs and 70 speed points towards his MACH. At this rate, maybe we could have a MACH by the end of next year… dang! How weird would that be! 🙂

I use this free software, Agility Record Book, to track his runs. So far he has an 85% Q rate in JWW in Excellent B. And a 50% Q rate in Standard in Excellent B. Not too shabby. The software keeps track of all his points and QQs and Qs and percentages. It’s really nice!

Yesterday it was cold and rainy… originally they were going to have the trial outdoors, but moved it indoors because of the weather. I’m so glad! I would have needed some nice heated gloves if we ran outside. Today wasn’t too bad, sunny and warmish, but still I’m glad we were indoors. Don’t have to set up a tent, or worry about weather, or mess around in the cold.

So I’m thrilled at how well Jet is doing. We don’t have another AKC agility trial until January, which is a bummer. We have an ASCA trial the end of this month, though, which should be fun.

3 thoughts on “Jet’s Third Double QQ”

  1. Wow!! Did you and Jet ever have a super great weekend!! He’s doing so well!! Congratulations!!

  2. All right TEAM JET! good job!!! You guys are just doing so well and in so many different venues, really not at all shabby ;- ). The agility record book looks great.

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