Happy 12th Birthday Levi

Happy 12 Levi!
Today is Levi’s 12th birthday. Wow.. he made it! And he’s doing pretty good, for a 12 year old collie. I took Levi to the vet on Thursday last week, because he still is in pain once in a while and he worries me. He had lots of checks. They aspirated all his bumps (he has three, one is quite big), and they are all fatty. They took chest x-rays to check out his lungs because he’s been having a weird wheezy cough. None of the other dogs have it, so it’s not bordatella. He had full blood work, which came back good.

He’s been licking his bum, too, but he came back okay about that, too. He doesn’t do it enough that he’s red or raw. The vet said maybe he’s cleaning his own anal sacks. Which I guess is fine, though kinda gross. 🙂

So he’s now on adequan and rimadyl. I know rimadyl can be bad long term, but he needs some help with his arthritis. He’s also on duralactin and glucosamine. I still want to get him some acupuncture, too. And the other dogs are not allowed to push him over, or he spends the day on the memory foam toppers on the bed and sleeps. Because he gets sore. My poor baby boy. I just adore him.

Here’s a video of him doing agility from back in 2008. His weaves never were good. Maybe his back always did bug him, I don’t know. I hope not. But I didn’t force him, I just tried to make them happy. He did so good at agility, except for the weaves.

He loves his birthday pizza, so do the rest of the dogs!

Levi's Birthday Pizza

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  1. Happy birthday Levi! I loved watching his agility videos, back in the day. Sure looked like he enjoyed himself in the ring. Please give him a pat and a cookie from me 🙂

  2. Happy 12th Birthday Levi!!!

    Would accupuncture, reiki, things like that be a possibility for you to use with Levi? I have heard some really good things from people who have used them for their arthritic/in pain dogs. Rimadyl is really scary–read some really sad stories of collies who had been on it.

    Dianne and Duffy

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