I Don’t Get Agility Seminars

Jet and Chase
A while ago I posted that I went to a . And, well, I just have to post about me and agility seminars.

The format was okay, much like the Stacy Perdout-Goudy workshops I’ve been to here. She set up little course sequences then we all ran them and she’d tell us what she liked and didn’t like and gave us ideas to handle things differently.

For me and Jet, mostly she just told me to run with him more. Probably to speed him up. He’s not a speedy dog, because I didn’t train him to be fast. I trained him to be consistent, and getting 3DQs is first year of competition… I think we have the consistency I wanted.

So we went and we did what she said and we ran the courses, and I just wasn’t really that impressed. I think these types of seminars are more geared toward the fast border collies and other dogs that need some help. Me… I just can’t see the fraction of a second difference that it takes in cues to get a dog to go over an obstacle. I never could. That’s probably why I always had so much trouble running Chase, my border collie. I used to want speed… if you read back on this blog, there are many posts from 2004 and so that I said I wanted speed. But, I learned my lesson, because I know that I don’t have the timing for it, and so I no longer want speed. I want consistency and accuracy and that is what gets Qs.

So anyway, I think I’m not going to go to agility seminars anymore. For some reason obedience seminars make more sense to me. I can understand the training philosophy and see the differences in technique. And I prefer places with pa electricity that have heat. I’m tired of sitting in the cold all day watching agility seminars. Give me a comfy chair and a warm spot and I’m much more happy!

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Get Agility Seminars”

  1. The direction the sport is going, and thus most seminars, the value is all on speed and drive. Consistency is important but to most people agility is more about running at full speed. I tend to love that philosophy and thus had a blast today at a seminar titled “speed, drive, and motivation!” I don’t think that view point is just for fast border collies though, there are always ways to increase drive for any breed if you make it a priority over just doing the course.

    But there is absolutely nothing wrong with a different goal! Set your priorities and find ways to train towards your goals. And then be picky on what instructors and seminars you attend 🙂 It already sounds like you know what you want and your doing a great job of working towards it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Laura. Yeah.. agility is much about speed now, but my agility is different. I have more fun running Jet than I ever had in agility, and he’s not fast, but he Qs, and we have fun. 🙂

  2. Sorry you did not enjoy the seminar more ;-(, seminars are expensive and when they dont meet with your goals it is disappointing. I am auditing Stacey Peardot Goudy next month, so I hope that goes well ;-).

    1. I hope you enjoy Stacey, Kathy! She’s so funny, I did enjoy her personality, and I learned some good things from her. 🙂

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